Tom's Barbershop opened in 1956 under the ownership of Tom Davis. Tom was a barber instructor of the new Harry E. Wood High School in Indianapolis. It was the first barbering school in the United States to be in a high school. Tom started his barbershop as a learning tool for his students.

The barbershop was originally established and attached to Green Acres Restaurant in Greenwood. In 1960, Tom soon wanted to expand and move his shop to where it is today at 338 Market Plaza Drive. Tom brought along to his shop many of his students whom he had taught, and they brought with them a piece of his teachings and ways of barbering. He passed away in 2011 but his vision of a vintage barbershop is still being kept alive by his family.

When you first step foot into Tom's, the scent of popcorn immediately fills the air. You might even enjoy an ice cold bottled coke from an antique machine. One gets the feeling of nostalgia as the shop is filled with old barber poles, various sports memorabilia, and framed pictures of the past.

While waiting you might enjoy watching sports on HD televisions, reading magazines, or playing a game of checkers.

Tom's also gives a t-shirt and an official certificate for a child's first haircut.

Over the past 60 years, Tom' s has truly been a part of the Greenwood community. Tom's has sponsored many little league teams, Greenwood High School teams, and various elementary school functions. While serving Greenwood since 1956, Tom's is one of few family owned businesses still in operation. Tom's Barbershop is genuinely a place "Where the Past Comes to Life."